long experience

The company, founded by Ioannis Nikiforakis, provides concrete product manufacturing services since 1984, carrying out 90% of the building activity on the island of Milos. Our long experience in concrete production, our commitment to high quality and our investment in experienced human resources are the elements that allow Nikiforakis Beton to achieve the maximum satisfaction of its clients. Our Company is always aiming at the improvement of our services and products. In 2001, with Georgios Nikiforakis continuing to pursue its vision, the Company was converted into an AEVE; in 2020, we are now expanding into the production of concrete products, such as concrete blocks, Lego blocks and concrete pipes.


with respect to the environment

Respect to the environment is a primary aspect of our Company’s daily activity. For this reason, our Company has a product recycling machine, as well as the necessary dust collection filters in the cement silos.

We also have sedimentation tanks for water recycling, after separating the solids contained therein, which are then either reused or deposited in suitable areas.

Moreover, we have the most modern and environmental-friendly mechanical equipment, both mobile as well as that used for product manufacturing.